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Of course, it goes without saying that Annie Aldington is simply the best narrator for this genre of book....I just love her voice.. she is brilliant, really pulls you in.


Audible customer review, Tainted Love, Kimberely Chambers


Aldington goes after the characters with a broad understanding of their feelings. Her performance brings drama and great enrichment to the book.
Audiofile, Melting, Anna Davis


Listen to how beautifully Annie Aldington reads the photographer's wife.  Absolutely stunning.

Nick Alexander, Author of The Photographer's wife.


Annie Aldington expertly depicts the cunning, heartless murderer, infusing just a hint of insanity in the mix
Audiofile, Eeny Meeny, M.J Arlidge.



Another great book from Dilly Court. Well worth the money or credit. Read as always just as it should be by Annie Aldington.

Audible customer review, A Mother's Courage, Dilly Court





Another voice I love is, Annie Aldington, who reads Laurie Graham's Humble Companion with virtuosity.

Author Natalie Meg Evans. six voices I love. Audio blog.


Aldington's delivery of Dawson's rich description and dialogue is spot on...never have I heard characters so well rounded.
Audiofile, Lucky Bunny, Jill Dawson.

Theatre Reviews


Annie Aldington captivates the audience with an emotional performance and one feels so involved with her character that at moments it becomes painful to watch. yet in an instant you feel yourself laughing through the pain....

T. H. Worcester. Regarding X


perfect delivery of a dialogue of pain and angst, joy and sorrow....a very sad, very beautiful and very special play and performance.

R. C. London. Regarding X


In Regarding X we saw both a funny and deeply moving performance by Annie Aldington, who showed a great understanding of and empathy for the multiple characters she embodied so wonderfully...

A. B London. Regarding X


This Aldington woman  is epically hilarious!
Everything theatre Magazine. Ocelot Resurrection


Annie Aldington is masterful in all her roles within the is easy to see why she has done so much radio work..
Remote Goat. Roses of Whitechappel

Annie Aldington's Lady Macbeth is frighteningly intense.. 
Charlotte Observer. Macbeth 


Annie Aldington is superb in every role she undertakes in this production of Macbeth.
The Torch. NY. Macbeth

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